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Laser Hair Removal Med Spa in Toronto, ON

LaserBody M.D. offers the gold standard in laser hair removal. Presenting Alma Soprano ICE platinum – The Best Laser Hair Removal Platform in the world! You deserve the best and our Med Spa is always committed to delivering excellence, we provide only the best services to our clients. Traditional hair removal requires you to tweeze, shave, or wax regularly. Hair removal using laser treatment is today’s most advanced and convenient solution to all of these and with the Alma Soprano ICE, platinum is the award-winning solution you need to ask for!

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted hair on the underarms, legs, chest, upper lips, chin, back, shoulders, and bikini area. It is a safe and efficient way to painlessly, easily, and efficiently get rid of hair and prevent it from growing back.

With the use of a laser, a beam of concentrated light is directed to and absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. The laser light’s energy is strong enough to destroy or damage the hair follicles and prevent their regrowth. Laser hair removal is known to work for both men and women.

Laser Hair Removal at LaserBody M.D. MedSpa

How much does laser hair removal cost?

LaserBody M.D. is dedicated to providing quality services at affordable rates. If you’re wondering how much is laser hair removal and if it will fit your budget, talk to us. Take advantage of our free consultation and know our laser hair removal prices. While the actual cost of laser hair removal varies per person, we can create a custom plan just for you. Our staff will also give you an accurate assessment of the procedure.

If you need more than six treatments, we can perform those additional treatments at a discounted rate. Our experienced medical technicians will correctly determine how many treatments you’ll need so you can prepare for it. LaserBody M.D. MedSpa is proud to offer the best and most affordable laser hair removal services in Southern Ontario.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Our med spa’s laser hair removal method is guaranteed to be pain-free. We use the advanced ChillTip handpiece of the patented LightSheer System, which assures clients of a comfortable, fast, and efficient hair removal procedure. The ChillTip cools the skin as it interacts with the heat of the laser pulse.

While it is common to experience temporary swelling and redness after the procedure, these will resolve within minutes to a few hours. There could also be occasional superficial blistering, which may cause temporary lightening or darkening of the skin. Although this condition may last weeks, the risk of suffering skin infection or scarring is extremely low.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal causes a permanent reduction in the volume of hair on the treated area. However, it can only address existing hairs. Permanent hair removal may not be fully achieved in just a few sessions because the laser can’t prevent new hairs from growing. Also, the growth cycles of the hair are different for each person. It also depends on factors such as heredity, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance, pregnancy, thyroid issues, medicinal reactions, and aging.

How long does laser hair removal last?

The length of time for a laser hair removal procedure varies for every person but each session rarely takes more than an hour.  Around 4 to 6 treatments are needed per area to maximize the effect of the procedure. People have different types of hair and each one may have different needs. One’s rate of response to the treatment may also vary.

10 Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair has become easier than ever before, thanks to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has made the process of getting rid of unwanted hair so much faster and almost painless. This new technology allows practically everyone to sport a smooth, flawless body after just a few sessions. If laser hair removal is something that you’ve considered to improve the appearance of your body and boost your confidence, here are the 10 things that you need to know to make sure that this method is really for you.

The laser technology behind this process works by sending laser light through the hair pigments. The light will convert into heat and damage the hair bulb and follicle. Many people confuse laser hair removal with electrolysis, a hair removal process that is conducted via electrical currents that are sent into the follicle via a probe.

You can expect tingling sensations or little jolts of pain while the hair is being removed from the more sensitive areas of the skin, particularly the face. Pain can be expected on the thinner layers of skin like the chin, temples, and nose.

To address the pain, the more advanced laser hair removal tools are equipped with cooling mechanisms. The appendage is tasked to run a cold blast of air where the laser pointer is directed to mitigate the heat generated by the light. Note that laser light is converted to heat once it passes through the skin, and the heat is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. Melanin is the dark pigment of the skin and hair. As melanin absorbs the light, the hair follicle is damaged and may not grow back again. If ever it does, the hair strand will be thinner and softer, and thus less noticeable.

The laser tool has different settings that must be adjusted according to your hair and skin type. Doing this has always been the best practice, as different people have different skin tones and hair textures. Technically, it’s easier for the laser to go through pale-skinned individuals with dark hair than it is for darker-skinned individuals. Even so, advanced hair removal lasers can now be adjusted to accommodate most skin tones.

It’s important to know if laser hair removal is for you before you commit. Set up a consultation with one of our experts here at LaserBody M.D. and together, let’s find out if this procedure is the most beneficial option for you. We’ll show you how you can take advantage of this technology and give you silkier skin and a smoother body.

While undergoing laser hair removal is quite simple, you can’t do it on a whim. You have to prepare for the session so that this method can achieve the most effective results possible. Therefore, talking to an expert is necessary. More than just securing yourself on a med spa’s schedule, you should also know the things that you have to do prior to the appointment. For one thing, you must stay out of the sun before and after your treatments. Keep in mind that the laser light targets the melanin in your skin and hair, as we mentioned above. The darker the pigmentation of your skin, the more difficult it is for the laser light to identify where the hair follicles are. This means that you can’t party it out on the beach a few days before deciding to get laser hair removal. The effect of laser hair removal on your skin won’t be as noticeable if you’re sun burned, or sun tanned. If you love the summer sun, schedule an appointment the following season.  For the same reason, you can’t use tanning beds and lotions, including spray tans if you have any plan of undergoing the procedure.

You also have to shave the treatment area prior to the appointment. Shaving exposes the skin but keeps the follicles well in place. With that said, you should not get waxed. Waxing may pull the hair entirely, which may cause the laser to miss the follicles altogether. You need to keep the roots in there so that the laser light can see and destroy them. Be sure to shave a day prior to your appointment.

When it comes to body and skin care treatments, don’t hesitate to explore your options with us here at LaserBody M.D. Aside from laser hair removal, we provide a wide range of services that would bring out the beautiful in you. Schedule an appointment with our experts today.

Unfortunately for some, laser hair removal won’t work as expected. This is due to a lot of factors, but mostly it relies on your skin color and hair pigment. If you are pale-skinned but your hair is blonde, this hair removal method might not work for you. The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with light-colored skin and dark hair. For the rest, especially those who have dark skin, testing should be done to see the effect of laser light on the skin. If plausible results are seen, then you can undergo the treatment and expect satisfactory results.

The best thing about the laser tools used is that they now have several adjustments to achieve optimum results. This is the importance of testing before committing to the procedure. Your doctor may ask to test the laser tool on you at any time during the consultation. They have to do this to see if adjusting the settings will provide you with the expected results. If the test of the laser tool doesn’t yield ideal results, they might recommend other options because laser hair removal may not be for you.

The test will just take a few minutes as it will target only a patch of hair on your skin. This is how fast and effective laser light is when used for hair removal. You’ll know immediately if it will work for you. You’ll practically walk out of the clinic knowing that you’ll be virtually hair-free in just a few weeks. This is why laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods for getting rid of unwanted hair in the modern era.

Learn more about this method and if it will work on you by visiting our med spa today. LaserBody M.D. serves the Greater Toronto area, using the most advanced laser hair removal technologies. You’ll walk out of our doors feeling more confident and beautiful in your skin. Schedule a consultation with us today.

While you’ll definitely have less hair sticking out of your skin after a couple of laser hair removal treatments, the full effects of these procedures can be expected any time between two to three weeks. That’s the amount of time the hair needs to grow at least a millimeter long. After two weeks, you’ll notice that the treated area doesn’t grow back hair as fast as it used to. As a matter of fact, the hair may never grow back at all because most of the hair follicles have been destroyed. If it happens that follicle manages to repair itself and grow back hair, the hair won’t be as thick and as prominent as before. The new hair that will grow is expected to be much thinner and softer.

Depending on how the consultation with your aesthetic doctor went, he or she will recommend a certain number of sessions that you’ll need to undergo to achieve maximum results. You may need anywhere between 8 to 12 sessions if you want to totally eliminate hair growth in a particular area of your body. Noticeable results may be seen within two sessions, but regular treatments may be necessary for people who want to go totally hairless. Note that each hair strand is at a certain stage of growth. You want to target each hair follicle once they have achieved their full growth potential. Your doctor will give you a schedule of treatments that will be days or weeks apart to give each strand of hair a chance to develop. That way, it will be easier to destroy all hair follicles and reveal smooth, stubble-free skin. Be sure to make good on all your appointments to see the best possible results. If you are likely to miss an appointment, reschedule right away. When it comes to laser hair removal, consistency is essential.

Our experts here at LaserBody M.D. will give you all the information that you need about laser hair removal on your first visit to our clinic. We’d like to keep you well-informed about any of the treatments that you’re interested in, so you can make sound decisions later. We’ll also walk you through the entire process of laser hair removal, so you’ll know exactly what will be done during the procedure. Our team also believes in setting the right expectations to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their results. Come and see us today here at LaserBody M.D., the leading med spa in the Greater Toronto area.

Depending on the area that has to be treated, you can get out of the clinic in as fast as 20 minutes. Laser hair removal is generally a straightforward process. If you have prepared well for the session, everything else will follow easily. You should have shaved the certain part of the body to be treated or arrive with minimal/no makeup if you’re going for laser hair removal on the face.

Of course there will be maintenance procedures after the treatment. That’s to be expected regardless of what method you’re using to remove unwanted hair from your body. Your doctor will advise you against going to the gym after the procedure. In the same way, you should stay out of saunas and hot showers for at least 24 hours. This is because your pores are open after the procedure and you don’t want to give bacteria a chance to enter and multiply underneath your skin.  This can result in unsightly spots. Gyms, hot showers, and saunas cause your body to sweat. The combination of heat and sweat are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. You also can’t go directly out in the sun after the procedure.

For the best possible experience when undergoing laser hair removal, visit us here at LaserBody M.D. We have the best facilities and the nicest environment for all types of body and skin care procedures. We make sure that our clinic is comfortable and hygienic for every patient, and our experts will assure you of achieving maximum results every time, with minimal time taken out of your busy day.

When it comes to your health and body, you should never compromise. Not all med spas are equal in the same way that no two aesthetic technicians have exactly the same skills. When choosing which clinic to get laser hair removal services from, be sure to consider these factors: expertise, reliability, and technology. The med spa should be experienced at conducting laser hair removal procedures and have great feedback from its previous clients. They should also use the latest in laser technology.

As for the technician, a well-trained practitioner is your best bet. An expert technician knows exactly what type of laser would best benefit your type of skin and hair. He or she will also understand all risks related to the treatment, as well as how many treatments you may need to achieve great results. You must be informed of these risks and factors beforehand. That way, you’ll know what to expect. It is also very important for the technician to be well-versed about all safety procedures when using the laser to prevent possible pain, redness, discoloration, and scarring.

Here at LaserBody M.D., we put your health and welfare as our top priority. We make sure that we evaluate your needs well, so we can give you the best options as far as skin and body care are concerned. We urge you to visit our clinic to see first-hand how we treat our customers, how advanced our devices are, and how we genuinely want to help every client to become the best version of his or herself.

There are some cases wherein laser hair removal may trigger hair growth after the treatment. This is something that an expert technician would know of and should advise you against. With that aside, laser hair removal may force you to adjust your daily activities, especially your beauty regime, until after all your pores have closed and the full effects of laser hair removal are realized. Do note that your skin won’t look silky and smooth right after the first treatment. Like most treatments, laser hair removal takes time. You have to be patient with it because after all, being beautiful takes time.

Aside from staying clear of hot, steamy places for the time being, you’re not supposed to use scrubs on your face or on any of the treated areas for at least two days. Certain beauty products, like the ones with retinol and glycolic acid, should be avoided as well. Additionally, you shouldn’t be using any of these two days prior to your treatment as they may also interfere with the procedure. Mild moisturizers and face mists are fine to keep the skin from getting dry after the procedure.

As for skin care treatments, there is a lot that you can’t undergo for weeks to come. For starters, chemical peel and laser hair removal is not a good combination. In the same way, you can’t subject your skin to facials, microdermabrasion, or any other procedure that uses rough exfoliators to clear the skin.

Talk to our experts here at LaserBody M.D. to know about the do’s and don’ts of laser hair removal so that you’ll know how to properly take care of your skin before and after the treatment. Our doctors will give you accurate information and guide you through every step of the way.

There are certain areas that you can’t use laser on and it’s important that you know about that too. For one, you can’t use the tool near the eyes as there’s a slight chance that your vision will be affected by the ray of light. For this reason, patients and the technician need to wear eye protection throughout the treatment sessions. Your physician should provide you with protective glasses and will instruct you to wear them throughout the procedure. You can’t use laser on your eyebrows.

Also, it is not possible to get a full-body laser hair removal treatment in one go. You can’t stay in the clinic all day to have every hair follicle in your body destroyed. There’s only a certain amount of laser that your body can take in a day and during a session. Oftentimes, a doctor will schedule you for one to two treatment areas at a time. That shouldn’t take you more than an hour inside the med spa or clinic. It’s very important to regulate the heat and light that your body will be subjected to via the laser beam. Subjecting your body to anything more than it can handle could lead to detrimental side effects. This is why you should only consult with a reputable med spa with experienced technicians who are very knowledgeable about the procedure.

Have a hair-free, flawless body safely and easily through LaserBody M.D. We are one of the leading med spas in the Greater Toronto area that provide laser hair removal along with a wide range of other skin and body care services. Visit our clinic today to know more about the many things that we can do for you.

If you want a hair-free body without undergoing a lot of pain like routine waxing, laser hair removal could be the best option for you. After careful evaluation, this procedure may even provide you with semi-permanent results. When done correctly, your body won’t grow hair as fast and as thick as it used to. You’ll have flawlessly smooth and silky skin in no time, and you’ll get to enjoy it for a long time. What’s more, laser hair removal is safe, fast, and effective. You can go two months without having to shave or wax your legs again. You’re practically freeing yourself from the pains of waxing and the time-consuming process of shaving.

The price for each laser hair removal session varies for each person so it’s important to consult with a trusted med spa or clinic to get started. You’ll also be charged per session and may need an average of 3 to 5 sessions for each area to realize the effects that you want to see. See a doctor for a proper skin evaluation and pricing assessment. Compare the rates of each clinic in order to get the best possible rate. However, keep in mind that price isn’t the only consideration when undergoing any type of skin and body treatments. Expertise, hygiene, and comfort are important considerations as well. Be wary of clinics and med spas that offer these services at a suspiciously low price.

Visit us here at LaserBody M.D. for a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to know more about you and help you achieve that perfect skin and body you’ve always wanted. We offer a wide range of treatments here at our clinic. Together, let’s explore all of your options. We’re one of the most trusted med spas in the Greater Toronto area, and we assure our patients of the best rates in the industry. Check out our other services and see how they can benefit you and bring you closer to your dream body. Here at LaserBody M.D., we take care of our patients from head to toe.

If you’re still unsure if laser hair removal is for you, knowing all the benefits of undergoing this treatment will surely make you consider it. Using laser hair removal is your first step to having a smoother, silkier, and hair-free body. It offers semi-permanent hair reduction because it actually destroys the hair follicles. Your results are longer-lasting than plucking, waxing, and shaving for this reason. After a few sessions of laser hair removal, you’ll notice that the hair growing on the treated area is much thinner and a lot softer. It also won’t be as dense as before.

While laser hair removal is not totally pain-free, it is not as prickly as waxing or shaving. There will be a slight pain in the treated area due to the heat and light used, but the lasers are also equipped with cooling mechanisms to address this issue. Laser hair treatment may work for people with various skin tones, but those who are light skinned and dark haired might see the best and most rapid results. Talk to a qualified expert for evaluation. Advanced lasers can now be adjusted to suit the skin tone of the patient so there are high chances that this method will work well for you, regardless of your skin and hair color.

Many people who have undergone this procedure report at least 90% permanent reduction in hair growth. Of course, the value could change from one person to another due to numerous factors. But the high rating of this process can’t be denied. Laser hair removal is currently the most effective method to get rid of unwanted hair almost anywhere on your body.

Come to visit us at LaserBody M.D. to get started. We offer a wide range of services on top of laser hair removal, which will help reveal the beauty in you. We would like to instrumental in helping you regain your confidence by making your skin and body as perfect as it should be. Come to see us today.