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Tattoo Removal By LaserBody, MD

While tattoos can be great, they may not stay great forever. Your tattoo might not look the same way it did when you first received it. You may just be tired of looking at the same tattoo.

Whatever the reason, you should not have to keep a tattoo on your body if you do not want it anymore. This is why we offer an innovative laser tattoo removal service. With this service, you will be able to safely and effectively remove your tattoo.

Because we use Picoway technology, we can remove most multicolored tattoos completely. Granted, all tattoos are different, so there is never a guarantee. However, our Picoway hand piece is usually able to remove colors beyond typical laser removal treatments have not been able to remove those pigments. Another plus to our technology is its ability to remove color without harming the area surrounding the tattoo. This is because the light from the Picoway device is extremely concentrated, targeting only areas that have color.

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Picoway Technology Is Not Only For Tattoo Removal

The Picoway laser treatment is not only for tattoos. This treatment can also target skin conditions like pigmented lesions, skin inconsistencies, and even signs of aging. Once any unwanted pigmented is destroyed by the Picoway laser, it will be flushed away with the rest of your body’s natural waste.

It is likely that your tattoo will require more than one session, but every tattoo is different. The amount of sessions required to effectively remove your tattoo depends on factors such as age, depth, location, size, color, and type of tattoo.

While some types of tattoo removal are painful, Picoway is less so than most. Patients usually react to the Picoway laser by saying there was moderate discomfort only in areas that are sensitive. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, however, so our doctors will test your reaction to the laser before they begin.

When your tattoo removal treatment is over, your doctor will explain aftercare procedures. These procedures should be followed carefully to avoid complications and achieve the desired results. Some of these procedures include applying anti-bacterial ointment to ward off infection and covering the area for a few days. You should also avoid scrubbing the area directly with soap, especially abrasive exfoliating soaps.

When receiving multiple tattoo removal treatments, you will have to wait for the previous treatment to heal entirely before you have another treatment. We usually recommend waiting six to eight weeks in between treatments, but they can be performed as little as two weeks apart as long as the area is completely healed within those two weeks.

The Picoway tattoo removal treatment is not for everyone, unfortunately. You should avoid this treatment if you are pregnant if you have implanted medical devices, and if you have an active skin infection. You should also avoid this laser treatment if you have a history of seizures or are sensitive to infrared light.

If you are interested in our tattoo removal service, give us a call today. Someone from our office will set up a consultation right away!