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Physician Dispensed Skin Care Products

We take skin care at LaserBody M.D. seriously, which is why we offer SkinTX pharmaceutical skin care. This physician-dispensed skin care product line effectively combats the effects of aging while enhancing skin’s cellular function and even circulation. The products in the SkinTX line can correct all sorts of skin conditions including acne scarring, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, age spots, loss of elasticity, and photo damage. The products also improve moisture retention, balance skin tone, and regulate your natural oil production.

Our physician-dispensed skin care products are great for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, or anything in between, we have a skin care regimen that will fit your skin’s needs. If you have sensitive skin, know that our products have been tested thoroughly by dermatologists. They should not harm your sensitive skin, as they are all of a pH safe for sensitive skin. These products are also made using ingredients of pharmaceutical grade, making them better for your skin than skin care you might find at your local beauty store.

Many people worry that new skin care products will dry out their skin. If you have dry skin, you probably know how easy it is for a product to dry out your skin. Our products have been tested for three factors to ensure that they will not dry out your skin. These factors are homogeneity, stability, and PH. Each test ensures that the products are safe and skin-calming, rather than drying. We also include soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera to hydrate and protect your skin. Our products contain ingredients that enrich your skin with nutrients, rather than stripping them away.

SkinTX - Physician Dispensed Skin Care Products

Physician Dispensed Skin Care Products For All Skin Types

If you have oily skin, we have a line of products designed for your skin’s unique needs. Because our SkinTX skin care line is inclusive of all skin types, we do not have one skin regimen that fits everyone’s needs. To find the skin care regimen that will produce the best results with your skin, you will schedule a consultation with your doctor. Together, you and your doctor will find out what skin care products are best for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, your doctor will choose a very sensitive skin care regimen. If you have dry skin, your regimen will likely include mostly hydrating products.

Oily skin will receive products in their skin care regimen that will combat oil and acne. These products can include things like serum C12, two-piece acne-treatment system, toner, foaming gel, acne treatment lotion, physical SPF, and more. These products will take care of your skin the right way without clogging your pores or encouraging acne production.

If you are interested in trying out our physician-dispensed skin care products from SkinTX, call us today. These products can restore a youthful glow to your skin and prevent future sun damage. Call now to schedule a consultation where you and your doctor will devise the perfect skin care routine for your unique needs.