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Chemical Peel – For Bringing Back Youthful Looking Skin

A chemical peel is a process for removing skin imperfections through the use of deep acid treatments.

The solution that we use here at LaserBody M.D. contains 14% lactic acid for skin exfoliation, 14% resorcinol for acne treatment, and 14% salicylic acid for better skin penetration.

Chemical peel addresses skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and fine lines, as well as acne breakouts and scars.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are treatments that have been long used by med spas and clinics all over the world. The acid used for this treatment effectively removes the damaged outer layer of the skin to give way to a more youthful, visibly glowing skin from beneath. This treatment is proven to be very safe and effective.

It can be used to resurface the skin on the face, neck, chest, and back. It effectively evens one’s skin tone and leaves the skin smoother than before. It also reduces dryness while addressing skin damages caused by prolonged exposure to the rays of the sun.

What happens in a chemical peel procedure?

At LaserBody M.D., our medical professionals will first check your skin condition prior to doing any treatment. If it was determined that chemical peel is the perfect treatment for you, your skin will be cleansed and protective pads will be placed over your eyes prior to the procedure. After that, the peeling solution will be applied on the problem areas using a special type of brush. At the end of the treatment, a gentle moisturizer will be applied.

The procedure is generally painless although each patient may experience slight stinging and tingling sensations. These are the normal side effects of skin peeling, and they are expected to subside in just a few minutes. Your skin may also look red for 20 minutes or so and will continue to be for the next three to five days. Your skin may appear irritated and dry as well. But by the fifth day, the chemical peel should have been completely removed and along with it, all the dead skin cells on your face will be gone. Your skin will now look healthier, smoother, and more radiant on the surface.

How much does chemical peel cost?

Talk to us here at LaserBody M.D. to know exactly how much you’ll pay for every chemical peel session and how many sessions you’ll need to restore the natural health and beauty of your skin. The frequency of treatments will depend on your skin’s present condition. Facial peels are usually spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, and then some maintenance treatments are recommended upon completion of the procedure. We ask patients to undergo three chemical peels every year to maintain the clarity of the skin.

We offer the best chemical peel for acne-related issues. Check out some of the chemical peel before and after photos that we have here so as to get a fair idea how this treatment will work for you. Our method is way more advanced, professional, and safe compared to the at home chemical peel products you may find elsewhere. We offer free consultations. Call us or visit our MedSpa today.