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Get Micro Needling Near North York Ontario!

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Micro Needling is the hottest beauty craze at this time. But, it will make you consider, is it merely a trend, or will there be actual results that will justify the treatment? This is what you ought to think about before going for Micro-needling. Although many social media influencers will tell you that LaserBody M.D. is one of the best med spas you can go to for Laser Hair Removal in Kingston, many of them are not aware that LaserBody M.D. is also a medical spa for microneedling near north-york Ontario

Micro Needling is a great decision for someone attempting to increase collagen creation, minimize blemishes or perhaps support hair growth. Though it seems like a newer procedure, it has in fact been around for several years.
The small needles may rejuvenate your skin. The little needles are put under the skin by a Micro-needling device or even a demaroller. While this sounds frightening, the needles are really small that they hardly hurt at all.
The great thing about Micor Needling is definitely that the results happen quickly. Your face will be glowing immediately. But, with continual use, Microneedling might have great long term effects on collagen production.

One more great advantage of Micro Needling is it that lets other topical treatments to be absorbed and infused much more fully. Because of this, your skin layer should be able to reap the benefits of anti-aging serums. Micro-needling continues to be supported by several researchers as a good method to make the skin feel and appear better. It is definitely worth the little bit of pain and discomfort it could cause. Happy needling!

Micro-needling Results Last How Much Time After A Treatment?

Micro Needling is probably the most sought-after skin treatments. Found in med-spas in North York, the procedure involves rolling a tool with tiny needles all over the facial skin to help increase the production of collagen.

Collagen is the reason why young skin is smooth. As the body ages, producing collagen decreases so it causes skin to get wrinkled as well as to appear dry. With the aid of Microneedling, your skin layer responds by increasing the collagen it can make. This is what show a youthful look.

Asked, how long does Micro-needling results last after one treatment? Generally, should you you go to a med spa for a treatment you will notice results about two or three days after. You typically need to go every four to six weeks to begin seeing a noticeable improvement.

When you have gone just for this time period, your skin’s perfection will last a long time. This is certainly one reason why Micro-needling is so popular. It is not necessarily an aggressive treatment although it involves needles. It is also not painful. The results are achieved naturally.

Usually applied to the face area, it could also be used about the hands. It takes away warts, lesions as well as other blemishes together with improving the look of skin. For more information on microneedling spa in North York, Ontario, Canada, should take a look our blog!

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Is Micro-needling Safe?

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Due to the rising popularity of micro-needling as an anti-aging and non-invasive procedure, derma rollers have become the hot new beauty item. Many people are seeking out this tool so that they can save money and do their own treatment at home. However, aestheticians and dermatologists actually warn and dissuade patients against this because not only is it ineffective, but it can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.

The actual procedure itself is safe and produces effective results. This is because the microneedles trigger the production of collagen and elastin, thereby increasing elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and even helping with discoloration from either acne scars or hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, the problem is that many people are purchasing their own derma rollers and DIY devices on Amazon, which can sell as low as $10.99. This is definitely one of those things that sounds too good to be true.

This article explores all the things you need to be cautious of in regards to micro-needling.

Micro-needling Precautions

Dermatologists are strongly against using tools at home because you risk scarring and creating more problems that are not even there. According to experts, most of the derma rollers online tend to have needles that are not big enough to puncture proper holes into the skin, which means you are simply damaging your face for no reason. It is also common to have defective rollers when you purchase the bargain deals online. A bad roller that has bent or irregular protrusions will only harm your skin, so you must get rid of it immediately.

Since you are not an experienced aesthetician or dermatologist, you may not know how much pressure you need to put or which areas you can treat. Some have even made the mistake of using their derma rollers on their eyelids. This is an absolute no-no because the skin on your upper eyelids is extremely fragile and sensitive. Thus, you may just end up causing more pain than necessary.

Another important thing to be wary about is sterilization. Rubbing alcohol on the device is not enough. Without proper sterilization, these derma rollers and DIY devices can possess harmful bacteria that cause breakouts and infection. Others have gotten eczema, itchy inflammation spots and brown patches on their skin. For some, this has even triggered rosacea, which is a skin condition that causes redness and bumps on the skin. So instead of making your skin better, you are only creating new issues.

In addition to that, people often neglect cleaning their skin before treatment. Since you are creating micro holes into your skin, it is imperative that you cleanse your skin with an antiseptic or antimicrobial cleanser beforehand. You need to remove all the dirt, oil and other impurities in order to prevent them from seeping into your skin through the micro channels. When you visit medical spas like LaserBody M.D., clinicians will thoroughly clean your face before the treatment as well as wear clean gloves to protect your skin from bacteria during the treatment.

Unlike at home, dermatologists and medical spas have access to the latest and most effective technologies of micro needling. Instead of derma rollers, they now have applicators or devices that perform better and minimize discomfort. At LaserBody M.D. for example, we use the Rejuvapen state-of-the-art applicator, which inserts every micro needle vertically. As the microneedles move in a quick up and down motion, patients will barely feel any pain or discomfort. There is no tissue destruction with this microneedling system because the micro channels in the skin heal right away. For those with more severe skin defects, you may see redness or experience some pinpoint bleeding, but this also stops immediately. With the Rejuvapen, it is possible to treat the small and tight curved areas, such as the nose, along the upper lip, and across the chin, which would be otherwise impossible to do with derma rollers.

There are many people who have tried these at-home derma rollers and admitted that it did nothing to their skin or only made it worse. But as soon as they got a professional micro needling treatment, they saw immediate results that left their skin glowing and looking more youthful.

With this in mind, it is safer to seek professionals – either dermatologists or aestheticians – in order to treat your skin. While doing it at home is certainly cheaper, it may actually be more expensive in the long-run if you develop skin conditions. Thus, micro-needling is a highly effective treatment for stimulating collagen and elastin production, but only if done correctly.

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