Laser Hair Removal in Kingston, Toronto, ON, Canada

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If you are tired of nicks and cuts from shaving with ordinary razors, it is time for you to try laser hair removal! When you are looking to get laser hair removal in Kingston, LaserBodyMD.Com is the medical spa to go to. Yes, there are a gazillion of spa in the area and LaserBodyMD.Com is better known for Coolsculpting deals in Kingston we will also provide you an array of medical spa services like no one else in the Kingston area.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective way to get rid of unwanted hair in various parts of the body. However, this method is not for everybody. Although it works great on some, it could not be as efficient on others. Be sure to talk with a practitioner first before you undergo the method.

Laser hair removal works by searching for the melanin of the hair, which are located in the follicles. Once it sees those, it destroys them. And the moment the follicles were destroyed, the hair will not grow as fast. It may not even grow back again. Following that concept, it’s clear that laser hair removal works best on white skinned persons. If you are white, it means that there is no black pigment in your skin. The laser won’t get confused which area to target. However, black individuals may not achieve as good effects as light skinned individuals do.

Furthermore, laser hair removal won’t be effective on white or grey hair. Even if you’re light skinned but has blonde hair, this method may not work for you also. The laser light may have problems with seeking the unwanted hair as it doesn’t contain dark pigments.

When your skin is sensitive, you may have problems with redness and inflamations due to the light or heat coming from the laser. You might want to evaluate first what your skin’s reaction to the laser light would be prior to undergoing the treatment. Ask an expert about this.

Finding Laser Hair Removal in or near Kingston, Toronto, ON, Canada

After you determine that laser hair removal will work on you, the next phase is to find the laser hair removal spa that could serve you best. When picking a laser hair removal spa in Kingston, make sure to consider these tips:

  1. Talk with certified technicians.

Laser hair removal is regarded as a medical procedure. It must be done by a certified technician and ideally, under the supervision of a qualified health care provider. While this isn’t necessary, it’s still best to choose a laser hair removal spa that has an onsite doctor.

  1. The laser hair removal spa should be tidy and sterile.

Although this is not an invasive treatment, it is best to go to a spa that truly cares for its patients. Sterility is very important here, as the laser is placed on various parts of the body.

  1. Offers free consultation prior to the treatment.

It is necessary that you thoroughly learn everything about the treatment that will be done on you before to it. With that said, the laser hair removal spa should welcome all your queries and answer them as truthfully as possible. Also, they must not force you to undergo the treatment if you’re not yet fully decided.

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Face and Body Skin Tightening

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Our face and body skin tightening service is a great way to increase blood flow and collagen production beneath the skin. With this increased blood flow and encouraged collagen production comes plumper, tighter looking skin. This service is non-invasive and, therefore, requires absolutely no downtime before you return to your daily responsibilities. It is also not painful or even uncomfortable.

Our Venus Legacy skin tightening treatment is effective in tightening skin in many areas of the body. These include the forehead, the eyes, the cheeks, the chin, the jawline, the neck, the arms, the abdomen, the flanks, the back, and the thighs. If you think you could benefit from tighter skin in any of these areas, you should consider our skin tightening service. The treatment process works by utilizing radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. This technology combines to create tighter skin and diminish fat cells.

Our Venus Legacy skin tightening treatment is great for those who have cellulite, sagging skin, and contouring of the body. Many people use this service to help sagging skin in their arms, face, and neck. These issues are commonly referred to as bat wings, jowls, and double chin. If you are in need of body contouring, this skin tightening procedure is effective when body contouring the stomach, thighs, flanks, arms, bra line, buttocks and the knees.

As this Venus Legacy skin tightening treatment destroys fat cells, the results can be long lasting. This permanency only applies to the fat cells that existed on your body when you underwent treatment. To ensure that the results remain, you must continue living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Depending on which area of the body, our skin tightening treatment usually lasts between fifteen minutes to one hour. The bigger areas of the body take more time. The process can also take longer if your skin is more mature. The skin tightening treatment we use is not painful to most patients. In fact, most patients compare the service to a hot stone massage. Of course, you might consider this painful if you consider hot stone massages painful.

After your skin tightening treatment is complete, your skin might feel warm to the touch. It might also appear red. Both of these side effects usually disappear within just a couple of hours. During your consultation session, you will discuss with your doctor a treatment plan that is right for you and the area of your body you are having treated. We usually recommend around six and eight treatment sessions to achieve the best results, but this recommendation can vary depending on your body and your age.

If you are interested in our Venus Legacy skin tightening face and body treatment, call our office today. A representative will assist you in scheduling a consultation appointment. At this appointment, you and your doctor will devise a treatment plan and discuss the cost. Even if you are not sure about our skin rejuvenation treatment, call us today. We can help by answering any questions you may have.

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Laser Hair Removal in Kingston Toronto, ON, Canada

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