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Is laser hair removal right for you? Once you do you will never use a razor again. And looking to get laser hair removal in East York, LaserBodyMD.Com is the med spa to go to. Yes, there are a gazillion of spa in East York and Laser Body MD perhaps is better known for Coolsculpting East York we can also pamper you with an array of med spa services like no one else in the East York area.

Laser hair removal is a very efficient method to remove unwanted hair in various areas of the body. However, this treatment isn’t for everyone. Even if it works best on some, it may not be as effective on others. Be sure to consult with a practitioner first before you undergo the treatment.

Laser hair removal works by searching for the dark pigment of the hair, which are located in the follicles. Once it sees those, it damages them. And the moment the follicles get destroyed, the hair won’t grow as fast. It may not actually grow back again. Following that concept, it is clear that laser hair removal works best on light skinned individuals. If you’re white, it suggests that there is no black pigment in your skin. The laser will not get confused which area to focus on. However, black people may not attain as good effects as white skinned individuals do.

Also, laser hair removal will not be effective on white or grey hair. So although you are light skinned but has grey hair, this method may not work on you also. The laser light may have issues with finding the unwanted hair as it does not contain dark pigments.

If you have sensitive skin, you may have issues with redness and irritations because of the light and heat generated by the laser. You might want to test first what your skin’s reaction to the laser light will be prior to trying the procedure. Talk to an expert about this.

Choosing Laser Hair Removal in or near East York, Toronto, ON, Canada

Once you determine that laser hair removal will work on you, the next stage is to find the laser hair removal spa that could serve you best. When choosing a laser hair removal spa in East York, be sure to consider these tips:

  1. Consult with certified practitioners.

Laser hair removal is considered as a medical procedure. It should be performed by a certified technician and ideally, overseen by a qualified health care provider. While this is not required, it is still best to go to a laser hair removal spa with an in-house doctor.

  1. The laser hair removal spa should be tidy and sterile.

Though this is not an invasive treatment, it is best to go to a spa that truly cares for its patients. Sanitization is highly important here, as the laser is used on various parts of the body.

  1. Provides complimentary consultation before the treatment.

It is necessary that you thoroughly learn everything about the treatment that will be done on you prior to agreeing to it. Having said that, the laser hair removal spa must welcome all your queries and answer them as truthfully as possible. Additionally, they must not force you to get the treatment if you’re not yet fully decided.

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What is Cellulite Reduction?

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For many, there are some instances wherein they keep their diet under control and work out often, but still cannot get rid of stubborn cellulite. Even after all of their hard work, some people look in the mirror and see that cellulite as a sign of failure. While this is certainly not the case, we here at LaserBody M.D offer you the option to help get rid of that cellulite.

Through our Venus Legacy Cellulite reduction treatment, fat cells beneath your skin will be melted and destroyed. While fat cells beneath the surface are being melted, the treatment also works to regenerate blood vessels, collagen, and even elastin fibers. These processes combine to create more skin on your body, which reduces the appearance of cellulite on the body’s surface.

While this process can occur in any number of body areas, the most common areas are the chin, neck, arms, back, abdomen, butt, and thighs. This technology combines multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields to create a dense heat matrix. This is a safe, non-invasive cellulite treatment. This process improves blood circulation, helping to deliver vitamins and minerals to cells in the process. Waste materials are then eliminated naturally through the body, leaving skin feeling and looking smooth and contoured.

Because Venus Legacy Treatment eliminates fat cells, the effects are long-lasting. Other “fat reducing” treatments advertised are likely to be temporary, as they focus on eliminating water weight instead of getting rid of fat.

The Cellulite Reduction Process

The process is not painful, as some might think before receiving the treatment. The feeling has been described as warm and pulsing. It has even been compared to spa treatments, like a hot stone massage for example. The length of time the procedure takes depends on the area or areas you are having treated. If you are having your face treated, the process will likely take around twenty minutes. If you are having a larger area treated, however, it will likely take around thirty minutes or more.

While you might begin seeing results after only one treatment, it is advised that you have around six and eight treatments. There should be a one-week interval between each treatment. If the area is smaller, like the face, six treatments may be ample. If you are treating a larger area, you will likely require more than six treatments to reach optimum results.

The most important thing to remember when preparing for your cellulite reduction treatment is hydration. The more hydrated your body is, the faster it will heat during the treatment process. In the days leading up to your treatment, make sure to drink an adequate amount of water. Your recommended water intake can usually be calculated by halving your body weight and drinking that number of ounces per day.

If you are interested in getting rid of cellulite on your body, give us a call today. If you do not like something about your body, there is usually little reason why you cannot change it with today’s advanced, noninvasive technology. Contact us for an in-depth consultation. It can be the first step to a newer, more confident you!

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