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Is laser hair removal right for you? Once you do you will fall in love with it! And when ever looking to get laser hair removal in Aurora, Laser Body MD is the spa to go to. Sure, there are bunch of spa in Aurora and Laser Body MD perhaps is better known for Coolsculpting Aurora we will also offer you a wide range of spa services like no one else in the Aurora area.

Laser hair removal is a highly efficient way to get rid of unsightly hair in different areas of the body. However, this procedure is not for everybody. Even though it works great on some, it would not be as effective on others. Make sure to consult with a practitioner first before you undergo the treatment.

Laser hair removal works by looking for the melanin of the hair, which are found in the follicles. Once it spots those, it damages them. And once the follicles get damaged, the hair will not grow as fast. It may not even grow back again. Following that concept, it is clear that laser hair removal is highy recommended to white skinned individuals. If you are white, it means that there’s no melanin in your skin. The laser will not get confused which part to focus on. However, black individuals may not achieve as good effects as white skinned people do.

Furthermore, laser hair removal won’t work on blond or grey hair. Even though you are light skinned but has gray hair, this method may not work on you also. The laser light will have difficulty with searching for the unwanted hair as it does not have dark pigments.

When you have sensitive skin, you might have problems with burns and inflamations because of the light and heat coming from the laser. You might want to evaluate first what your skin’s reaction to laser will be prior to getting the treatment. Ask an expert about it.

Finding Laser Hair Removal in or near Aurora, Toronto, ON, Canada

Once you determine that laser hair removal would be effective for you, the next stage is to find the laser hair removal spa that could serve you best. When picking a laser hair removal spa in Aurora, make sure to consider these tips:

  1. Consult with certified practitioners.

Laser hair removal is regarded as a medical treatment. It should be performed by a certified professional and preferably, overseen by a qualified health practitioner. While this isn’t necessary, it is still best to go to a laser hair removal spa with an onsite doctor.

  1. The laser hair removal spa must be clean and sterile.

Although this is not an invasive procedure, it’s best to consult with a spa that truly cares for its clients. Sterility is very important here, as the laser is used on several areas of the body.

  1. Provides complimentary consultation before the treatment.

It is necessary that you fully learn everything about the treatment that will be done on you before to it. Having said that, the laser hair removal spa must accommodate all your questions and answer them as honestly as possible. Also, they must not force you to undergo the treatment until you are fully decided.

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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to get rid of body hair quickly and effectively. If you struggle with thick, noticeable body hair, you know how much of a hassle constant shaving, waxing, and threading can be. Not only are these painful and time-consuming, but they are also extremely costly. It may not seem like a simple wax is that costly, but when you add up the return appointments which are often required—depending on your hair type—you will see exactly how much money these services flush down the drain per year. Instead of wasting your money on these services time and time again, consider laser hair removal.

While laser hair removal requires return appointments until the process is complete, the effects are permanent in many cases. This does not mean the treatment can stop new hairs from growing, however. Changes in hormones can cause new hair growth in areas that have not been treated. Our treatment cannot stop these hairs from growing, but you may return for another appointment to have new hair removed as well. We use hair removal systems like Light Sheer + Soprano ICE, which is considered the safest and most effective laser removal systems in the market today.

Our laser hair removal works on all skin tones. Even if your skin has been tanned, you needn’t worry. Our laser hair removal systems should not disrupt your tan or causes changes in any skin tones. The process usually takes 4 to 6 visits, but this all depends on your hair type and size. If you require more than six visits, we offer additional visits at a discounted “touch-up” price.

While there are some side effects to laser hair removal, they are minimal and generally do not last long. Expect to see a bit of redness and swelling in the treated areas. This should go away within minutes to hours. With our gold standard technology, there is little to no risk of both scarring and infection.

Laser hair removal can be used to treat almost all areas of your body. The most common areas of treatment are the full face, neck, décolleté, arms, underarms, abdomen, back, bikini area, and legs.

If you constantly find yourself paying fees to have your facial hair removed, you are a great candidate for our full face treatment. When you have your pesky facial hair removed by laser, you will rarely have to worry about grooming your face. There are many benefits to a full face laser hair removal treatment.

In most cases, there is a thin layer of peach fuzz covering the entire face. Removing this hair not only will improve the appearance of your bare face, but it also allows makeup products to apply more smoothly. Without the pesky peach fuzz, your foundation will have a much smoother application. If you are interested in laser hair removal treatment, give us a call for more information today.

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Laser Hair Removal in Aurora Toronto, ON, Canada

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