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Residents of Peel know that the best Coolsculpting specials are at LaserBodyMD.Com. After you get Coolsculpting in Peel, there are several things you should to be aware of. Coolsculpting or Fat-Freezing is the newest fat removal method that uses controlled cooling to gently yet efficiently wipe out fats.  When the fats are frozen, they ultimately die. Over time, your body will eliminate such fat cells, thus causing the body look more toned. This method is best for stubborn fats that can’t be eliminated through diet and exercise. A cooling machine will be positioned on the specified part and is left to work for an hour. The destroyed fat cells are gone for good, but there will be no effects on the other areas. Additionally, you have to maintain dieting and exercising so the remaining fat cells will not expand.

Coolsculpting is a safe, precise, and effective technique to remove fats. This process is based on proven science. A lot of patients that have tried it were satisfied with the results. However, our Coolsculpting service in Peel is not for everyone. It isn’t for overweight people with a lot of fats to be removed because it only addresses particular body areas, such as waistlines, stomach, inner and outer tights, chin, and inner arms. Body Contouring is a non-invasive method of removing fats. It’s done in a medical office and by a certified health professional. Make certain that the clinic you’ll consult with holds these standards.

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Have you been wanting to get Fat Reduction and don’t know what to do? In the majority of cases the best thing to do is to stop by one of our seven locations. LaserBody M.D. is the the number one choice Med Spa for Coolsculpting in Peel! So,  when you are all set to undergo CoolSculpting, here are some guidelines that you can do to further improve its effects. CoolSculpting will tone the body and make you look wonderful without the need for invasive treatments or waiting for recovery.

  1. Keep that diet and exercise

Body Contouring performs|works} optimally if you maintain discipline. It does not give you the freedom to gobble up however you want to eat. The results of CoolSculpting will be gone if you do, and you have to go back to the clinic again for more rounds.

  1. Receive additional treatments

Not all things can be addressed by Body Contouring. It’s best that you talk to a specialist to know if there are some other treatments that would best complement it. For one, you might need to undergo a skin tightening treatment as CoolSculpting could possibly leave you with a loose skin.

  1. Rub the treated area

Studies show that short periods of vigorous kneading on the targeted area after the procedure can accelerate results. Massaging also increases blood circulation.

  1. Request for follow-up procedures

After going through a Body Contouring session|procedure|treatment}, be sure to visit the clinic again to know if you need more treatments to reach your expected results. Ask the specialist if more procedures will be beneficial to you.

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What Is Laser Hair Removal?

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Here at LaserBody MD, we offer a laser hair removal service to make grooming your body so much easier. Our service uses a laser to render the hair follicle unable to grow new hair. This is done by way of photothermolysis, which is heat. When we apply the laser to your body, the laser’s light is absorbed by melanin, and thus heats up at a quick rate. This is what keeps the hair from growing.

Because this process is reliant upon the heating of melanin, the number of treatments required and their effectiveness varies from case to case. This treatment does not work well at all when it comes to completely white hair, as there is no melanin to heat. The darker the hair, the more treatments will be required. Lighter hair will require fewer treatments, but the treatment also will likely not be as effective on those with extremely light hair. When expressing interest in laser hair removal, a physician at LaserBody MD will help you devise a treatment plan that caters to your hair.

While you might be concerned about the heat of the laser and its effect on your skin, measures are taken to prevent overheating where your skin is concerned. Recent technology has created a pulsing laser that is meant to effectively heat the follicle while allowing the skin to cool, as the skin naturally cools faster than the follicle. Additional steps are also taken to cool the skin; for example, cool air is often sprayed to keep the skin from overheating.

Laser hair removal treatment targets hairs that are in a certain stage in the cycle of growth. This means that multiple treatments will be required to remove all hair. The amount of treatments required varies from person to person.

This treatment is not very painful, but it might feel uncomfortable at first. This is because of a large number of hairs present during the first treatment. As the number of hair decreases, the treatment will grow less uncomfortable.

Skin Care Post Laser Hair Removal

After you receive your treatment, you should be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for proper skin care. You will likely need to apply Aloe Vera to the treated areas. This keeps the skin extremely moisturized and also soothes the areas, as they may be sensitive.

One of the most important post-treatment skin care rules you must follow pertains to sun damage. Try not to expose your treated skin to the sun at all right after the treatment. If you must expose your skin to the sun, make sure you apply an SPF of at least thirty to the treated areas. This is extremely important because too much sun exposure right after the laser hair removal treatment can cause pigmentation issues. This means that the color of your skin might be disrupted. Another reason you should avoid exposing your recently treated skin to the sun is that getting a tan is likely to make your treatments less effective.

If you are interested in learning more about our laser hair removal service, give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

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