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Residents of Markham understand that the best Coolsculpting prices are at LaserBody M.D. After you get Body Contouring in Markham, there are numerous things you should to be aware of. Coolsculpting or Fat-Freezing is the latest fat elimination procedure that uses controlled cooling to gently and effectively flush out fat cells.  When the fats are frozen, they ultimately die. After a while, the body will eliminate such fat cells, thus making your body look shapely. The procedure is great for stubborn fat cells that can’t be eliminated through diet and exercise. A fat-freezing apparatus is positioned on the problem area and is left to work for one hour. The destroyed fat cells are flushed out permanently, yet there will be no consequences on the other areas. Also, you have to continue with dieting and exercising so the fat cells that are not left behind won’t enlarge.

Coolsculpting is a safe, precise, and effective process to remove fats. This process is based on research. Many patients that have tried it were content with the results. Moreover, our Coolsculpting service in Markham is not for everybody. It isn’t for obese people with too much fats to be removed because it only targets a few body areas, like waistlines, stomach, inner and outer legs, chin, and inner arms. Body Contouring is a non-surgical way of eliminating fats. It’s done in a medical office and by a certified expert. Make certain that the clinic you will consult with passes such standards.

Coolsculpting Pros in Markham, ON

If you have been wanting to get Fat Reduction and don’t know where to start? Nine out of ten times the best thing to do is to stop by one of our seven locations. LaserBodyMD.Com is the the number one choice Med Spa for Coolsculpting in Markham! So,  if you’re ready to undergo CoolSculpting, below are a few guidelines that you may do to further maximize the results. CoolSculpting will tone the body and make you look wonderful without undergoing surgery or waiting for recovery.

  1. Maintain diet program and exercise

Coolsculpting performs|works} optimally if you maintain discipline. It does not give you the freedom to gobble up whatever you want to devour. The effect of CoolSculpting will be gone if you do, and you have to go back to the dermatologist again for more sessions.

  1. Receive additional procedures

Not everything can be solved by Coolsculpting. It’s best that you consult with a dermatologist to determine if there are other treatments that would best complement it. For example, you might want to get a skin tightening procedure because CoolSculpting could possibly leave you with a loose skin.

  1. Massage the area

Studies show that short periods of vigorous kneading on the targeted body part following the procedure can quicken the results. Massaging also increases blood circulation.

  1. Schedule follow-up treatments

After going through a Coolsculpting session|procedure|treatment}, make sure to go back to the clinic again to know if you need more procedures to reach your expected results. Ask the specialist if more sessions will be beneficial to you.

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Is Botox Worth The Pain?

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One of the first things patients ask before any cosmetic procedure is, “how painful will it be?” This is definitely true when it comes to Botox despite its non-invasive nature, because the mere thought of having needles going into the muscles of one’s face is enough to stress a person out. Your anxiety is understandable because the facial region is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. However, you can breathe a little easier knowing that most Botox patients don’t find the procedure to be all that painful. In fact, they often describe it as something akin to being pinched or stung.

While some degree of pain is unavoidable when Botox is injected into your facial muscles, we administer a topical numbing agent to the area and make sure to wait until the anesthetic cream kicks in before we begin. Once you feel numb, we use a special injection with a small needle to deliver the Botox into your face. In doing so, we minimize the pain and discomfort that you’ll experience tremendously. If your anxiety proves to be too much for you, you can ask for an anti-anxiety pill like Valium to take before the treatment. However, this is usually unnecessary.

Generally, you will not experience that much pain other than the slight stinging sensation that’s commonplace with any injection. Like with vaccines, you may feel slightly uncomfortable as the Botox enters the injection site, but it only takes a few seconds. So do not let your fear of pain stop you from getting Botox at LaserBody M.D.

Benefits of Botox

Botox, also known as onabotulinumtoxinA, has three major benefits and purposes that drives millions of men and women to seek out the treatment each year:

  • Cosmetic Improvement. As most people are aware, Botox can help get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet on your face. It is most commonly used to temporarily smooth the frown lines, formally known as glabellar lines, to make you look younger and more attractive. This is the most popular facial area that patients want to address because the lines between the eyebrows can make them look tired, angry or simply unhappy.Botox relaxes the brow muscles, and at the same time keeps them aloft. This means that it will help remove your drooping brow. Aside from this, Botox can also address laugh lines. As you laugh a lot, you will develop crow’s feet (i.e. the lines around your eyes) as well as lines around your lips that can sometimes extend to your chin. This bothers many people because it makes them look older. With this benefit of Botox being so well-known and well-researched in the 21st century, it’s no wonder that so many men and women seek out Botox treatments to recapture the vibrancy of their youth.
  • Muscle Spasm Control. Botox has been used to treat Bell’s Palsy as well as the numerous nerve conditions that cause eye twitching. It is a safe and effective way to address asymmetric facial movement. For those suffering from Bell’s Palsy, administering Botox to the paralyzed area will relax the facial muscles and reduce tension to the face. This will help give you a more balanced look, thus improving one’s confidence in their appearance. As for the eye twitching, this is usually caused by muscle problems. With Botox, you can easily stop the muscle spasms from occurring because it is designed to relax unwanted muscle movements.
  • Sweat Control. This one may come surprising to you, but Botox can actually help patients with severe sweating issues. It can relieve people suffering from hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition that causes a person to excessively sweat all the time. They can sweat even if the temperature is cool or if they are simply sitting still. Fortunately, Botox addresses hyperhidrosis by blocking the messages or neurotransmitters that stimulates the sweat glands. This is why it is especially helpful for patients who experience excessive localized sweating in their armpits, hands or feet. At the same time, you do not have to have hyperhidrosis in order to be eligible for Botox to control underarm sweating. But you should keep in mind that it only lasts a few months, which means you have to keep getting Botox to maintain the benefits of much drier underarms, hands or feet.

Botox is not only used for cosmetic purposes, as you can now see. Its medical benefits are numerous and effective for patients whose conditions cause them anxiety or diminished confidence. This quick and easy treatment can positively impact your life in almost no time at all. It can help you regain confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Now that you know about the benefits, set an appointment with one of our skin care professionals at LaserBody, M.D. today! Our highly-trained medical staff can safely and efficiently administer Botox injections to the areas you want to address. We would be happy to set up a consultation and provide you with the most suitable Botox cosmetic treatment for you.

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