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Divas in the area of Barrie know that the best Coolsculpting deals are at LaserBody M.D. When you get Body Contouring in Barrie, there’re a number of things you should to be aware of. Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis is the latest fat elimination procedure that uses controlled cooling to tenderly yet effectively destroy fat cells.  If the fats are frozen, they ultimately die. Over time, the body will eliminate such fat cells, thus causing the body look more toned. The procedure is best for stubborn fat cells that cannot be removed through diet or exercise. A fat-freezing machine is placed on the specified part and is left there for one hour. The damaged fat cells are flushed out for good, but there will be no effects on the untreated areas. Additionally, you have to maintain dieting and exercising so the fat cells that are not left behind won’t expand.

Body Contouring is a harmless, accurate, and effective method to remove fats. This technology is based on proven science. Several patients that have gone through it were content with the results. Moreover, our Body Contouring service in Barrie is not for everybody. It isn’t for overweight individuals with too much fats to be removed as it only targets a few body parts, such as love handles, abdomen, inner and outer tights, chin, and inner arms. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical way of removing fat cells. It is performed in a medical office and by a licensed expert. Be certain that the spa you’ll work with holds such standards.

Coolsculpting Service in Barrie, ON

If you’ve been wanting to get Body Contouring and do not know what to do? Usually the best thing to do is to stop by one of our seven locations. LaserBodyMD.Com is the prefer Med Spa for Body Contouring in Barrie! And  if you are ready to undergo CoolSculpting, here are several tips that you can do to further maximize its effects. CoolSculpting will tone your body and make you feel great without undergoing surgery or going through downtime.

  1. Maintain diet and exercise

Coolsculpting performs|works} optimally if you maintain discipline. It doesn’t give you the freedom to eat whatever you desire to eat. The results of CoolSculpting will wear off if you do, and you have to go back to the dermatologist again for more rounds.

  1. Get additional procedures

Not all things can be solved by Body Contouring. It is best that you talk to an expert to know if there are other treatments that would best complement it. For starters, you may want to get a skin tightening treatment as CoolSculpting could probably leave you with a wobbly skin.

  1. Massage the area

Studies indicate that short periods of energetic kneading on the targeted area after the treatment can improve the results. Massaging also improves blood circulation.

  1. Request for follow-up consultations

After undergoing a Body Contouring session|procedure|treatment}, be sure to go back to the clinic again to determine if you need more procedures to reach your expected results. Ask the specialist if more sessions will do you good.

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The Advantages of Micro-Needling

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Surgery and laser treatments can seem drastic for those with only a few imperfections. If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin without surgery or laser technology, consider micro needling. Micro-needling is a medical grade collagen induction therapy. This process triggers collagen production inside of your skin. Consider this treatment if you are looking to treat scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation.

If you struggled with acne in your youth and now suffer from severe scarring, micro needling could be a good treatment option to help eliminate these scars. This is also a great way to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth. Even once you get your body back to where it was before you got pregnant, there remains the chance that those pesky stretch marks hold your confidence back. To help regain confidence in your body, consider eliminating your stretch marks with our micro-needling treatment.

There are two unexpected conditions micro needling effectively treats, as well. As we age, our pores increase in size. If you are struggling to keep your large pores clean and covered, consider micro needling to reduce their size. Mature skin also loses elasticity over time, which can cause it to sag. Skin can be tightened through our micro-needling treatments.

How does Micro-needling work?

The way micro needling works is similar to the dermal rollers you may have encountered in certain skin care regimens like Rodan + Fields. While dermal rollers do in fact penetrate the skin as micro-needling does, they do not go about this in the same way. This advanced technology allows needles to penetrate the skin vertically, while the needles of the dermal roller penetrate the skin at a sloped angle. When the needles leave the skin at an angle, they tug at the epidermal tissue. This causes trauma to the skin which can have a negative effect on skin appearance.

Not only does our vertical entry lessen damage to epidermal tissue, but it also makes the process more comfortable for you. Micro-needling is much less painful than dermal rolling, as the Rejuvapen is gentle and fast. Rejuvapen is also capable of reaching tiny areas like the space right beside your nose. Dermal rollers are too big to reach this area.

You may wonder how many treatments you need to achieve optimal results. Most fine lines and wrinkles can be treated in just one session. If you are looking to get rid of deep-set wrinkles, deep scars, or other serious imperfections, you may require more than one session to achieve optimal results.

When you leave your treatment session, you should avoid sunlight for two days following. Micro-needling makes your skin more vulnerable to UV rays. You might experience a bit of redness, but this should dissipate in less than forty-eight hours.

After your treatment, you should avoid using active skin care products. These are products that include Alpha hydroxyl acids, Beta hydroxyl acids, Vitamin C, and retinol. After three days, these products will be safe to use again. Swimming and direct sunlight should be avoided for 24 hours after the treatment. If you receive this treatment, you should also stay away from tanning beds. Do not exercise for twenty-four hours after this treatment, as sweat can spread bacteria into your vulnerable skin.

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